Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Author: Julia Halasz

  • King’s Cross – An extraordinary part of London is finally taking shape?

    After visiting the Broadgate Estate in the City (see my previous post), I was delighted to see that the developers at Kings Cross decided to propose a truly mixed use development, and also to keep and reuse the remaining railway buildings and structures. Although most of the project is still under construction, I was able […]

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  • Peter Zumthor – Atmospheres

    Peter Zumthor is one of my favourite architects and when I saw his book ‘Atmospheres’ in the library I couldn’t resist. It’s basically a printed version of a lecture that he delivered back in 2003 with editing kept to a minimal.  It was an easy and fun read with great illustrations. It gave an interesting […]

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  • Visiting Broadgate

    Even tough I live and work just a few minutes away, I have never visited the Broadgate Development. I was always just passing by its tall buildings, but never actually daring to cross this stone and metal labyrinth. Broadgate is a 32-acre office and retail estate in the City of London. It was the largest […]

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