Photographic dreams

Review of William Eggleston´s work. Particularly the book: William Eggleston’s Guide. Second edition 2002 The Museum of Modern Art, New York by John Szarkowski and William Eggleston. William Eggleston is considered a pioneer in modern colour art photography. His work is an important document about Landscape architecture in U.S.A. It not only reveals how people used to live in U.S. but is also about the “American … Continue reading Photographic dreams

L.S. Lowry – the contemporary crowd

Upon visiting the L.S. Lowry exhibition at Tate Britain in London in October 2013, my notion of a city was developed as I added a critical view towards the concept of a crowd. By observing that the urban landscape went through a metamorphosis process, I was able to relate its historical legacy with the present times in a richer manner. A city is a place … Continue reading L.S. Lowry – the contemporary crowd

Last landscapes in music: Reflections on the film of Ferenc Fricsay

In this ambitious article Joana Avelar Quintas, an MA Landscape Architecture student at the University of Greenwich, explores the associations between music and landscape. Ferenc Fricsay (9 August 1914 – 20 February 1963) was a Hungarian conductor who left us an important cultural heritage: Ferenc Fricsay. Rehearses and conducts Bedrich Smetana’s, Die Moldau. Film. Directed by Dieter Ertel. Recorded 1960. Südfunk Symphony orchestra. Available at … Continue reading Last landscapes in music: Reflections on the film of Ferenc Fricsay