Bosco Verticale Milan – The next step

About 20 years ago Patric Blanc left climbers behind and started to create highly designed and engineered green walls. Although intense in maintenance and not very sustainable they are fantastic if built at the right spot. Stefano Boeri took the vertical greening up another step. Two residential towers (80 m and 112 m) in the centre of Milan have been planted in 2013 with over … Continue reading Bosco Verticale Milan – The next step

MFO Park Zurich – The Park House

The dynamic relationship between structures and open spaces at the MFO Park is discussed by Christoph Fisher. Imagine a steel frame structure 100 m by 35 m and 17 m high in the city centre adjacent to office and residential blocks about the same size. Several levels and platforms are connected by grated stairs and bridges. This would make by itself a quite impressive object. … Continue reading MFO Park Zurich – The Park House

Westpark Munich – design & time

MA Student, Christoph Ficher, highlights the importance of time in landscape architecture projects. Swamp Cypresses growing in about half meter of water at the Westpark attracted my attention in one of my projects. Now I got the chance to have a closer look at them. When walking the park it turned out to be a really interesting piece of landscape architecture. The landform gives the … Continue reading Westpark Munich – design & time