Perception, Form & Landscape

In the context of postmodern ideology, urban landscape understood as a spatial form or as a system or a structure of spatial forms, which perceived by the senses and the explanatory ability of man. Representative examples of this theory are the equally famous works of Kevin Lynch “The Image of the City” (1960) 1 and Gordon Cullen, “The Concise Townscape” 2, which, although in the … Continue reading Perception, Form & Landscape

New Limassol Marina

This summer opened its doors to the public first part -the commercial part- of a major project for the construction of a new marina in Limassol, Cyprus. The Limassol Marina is an innovative and ambitious project which enhances and enriches both the infrastructure of nautical tourism and the tourism product and simultaneously opens new perspectives not only for the town of Limassol but also for … Continue reading New Limassol Marina

The Sammy Ofer Wing – design for a historic place

    The Sammy Ofer Wing is situated inside a sensitive World Heritage Site and it is surrounded by characteristic architectural buildings of 17/18th century in the UK. The building arrange for a new main entrance, gallery and archival facility for the National Maritime Museum. The landscaping of the new entrance of the Museum,-although it is a small scale project – is an example of … Continue reading The Sammy Ofer Wing – design for a historic place