The Whitten Timber Story

I went to see Something Very Extraordinary – The Whitten Timber Story at the Peckham Platform in August 2014. This was an archival exhibition exploring the history of a local timber merchant, which included rare images of the Grand Surrey Canal, the subject of my final MA project. The black-and-white photographs of the canal were very evocative of a different time and way of life, showing … Continue reading The Whitten Timber Story

Siobhan Davies Planting Steps Walk

I recently went on the Planting Steps walk organised by the Landscape Institute and Siobhan Davies Dance studios, led by Johanna Gibbons and Paul Lincoln, to look at green infrastructure along the way from City Hall to Elephant and Castle via Bermondsey. The walk was part of Siobhan Davies Human-Nature series exploring the dynamics of the relationship between people and plants, and part of London … Continue reading Siobhan Davies Planting Steps Walk

Beginner’s Toolkit to Permaculture

I attended the London Permaculture Festival on Sunday 6th July. I listened to talks on DIY self-watering systems, container growing and aquaponics, made a bug hotel with my son, bought amazing plants and browsed the stalls. Among everything else I bumped into an old friend, permaculture teacher and designer Hedvig Murray. She had created a very handy Beginners Toolkit to Permaculture Design together with Irene Soler. … Continue reading Beginner’s Toolkit to Permaculture