Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album

“I wanted to document something. I wanted to leave something that I thought would be a record of it, whether it was Martin Luther King, the hippies, or whether it was the artist.” (Dennis Hopper) The best photography exhibition in London currently is the Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album  collection being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts. The actor and director most famous for Easy … Continue reading Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album

Last Landscapes – Arnos Vale

Thinking about your last landscape? Aaron Carpenter reviews ideas and realised designs for cemeteries. An area of landscape architecture that feels yet to be in braced as a key area of design  and by many newly graduated landscape architects like myself are cemeteries, and places of burial. Cemeteries still seem like an elephant in the room that are hardly spoken about in public or landscape, with many local councils sticking you … Continue reading Last Landscapes – Arnos Vale

Monty Don’s Around the World in 80 Gardens

MA student, Aaron Carpenter, takes on Monty Don with pleasant surprise. I was recently sent the Around the World in 80 Gardens BBC series by Monty Don as a birthday present, and instantly thought thanks mum more unwanted gifts I will never get around to using. But started watching it in the background whilst working on uni work, and very quickly retracted my initial thoughts. Monty … Continue reading Monty Don’s Around the World in 80 Gardens

Pop Art Design at the Barbican

Art and Design brought to the masses? Aaron Carpenter reviews the latest exhibition on Pop Art Design at the Barbican.  The Barbican always puts on a great exhibition in London. The Rain Room was one of the must see exhibitions of 2013, with constant queues and a long wait! in the curve, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot exhibition of guitar playing Zebra finches was one of the most memorable … Continue reading Pop Art Design at the Barbican