Published by Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, London

Greenwich International Lectures

What do James Corner (Field Operations), Kathryn Gustafson (Gustafson, Porter + Bowman) and Eelco Hooftman (Gross.Max) have in common? Along with many other leading landscape architects, designers, architects, artists and engineers they have all lectured at University of Greenwich as part of the Open International Lecture Series over recent years.

During the Spring of 2020 we also hosted The Landscapists Seminars, a series of conversations with designers and researchers working with landscape. Speakers included: Ed Wall, James Fox [FFLO], Jenn Mui [MRG Studio], Donncha O Shea [Gustafson Porter + Bowman], Ceylan Belek [Martha Schwartz and Partners], Giacomo Guzzon [Gillespies], Cesare Cardia [Uncommon Land], Loretta and Ben Bosence [Local Works Studio], JJ Watters [Kinnear Landscape Architects], Martí Franch Batllori [EMF], Martin Rein-Cano [Topotek1], Eelco Hooftman [Gross Max], Laura Santin & William Roberts [Nomad Studio], Cannon Ivers [LDA Design], Ken Smith [Ken Smith Workshop], Jose Alfredo Ramirez & Clara Ortiz [Groundlab], Alexandra Steed [Alexandra Steed Urban], Sara Zewde [Studio Zewde], Yael Bar-Maor [Yael Bar-Maor Landscape Architecture], Aniket Bhagwat [M/s. Prabhakar B Bhagwat], Richard Broome [Outerspace], Harry Bix [East Anglia Records], Neil Swanson [Landscape Projects], Ashley Conn [Studio Oslo – Landscape Architects], Jo Gibbons [J&L Gibbons], Will Sandy [Will Sandy Design], Fenella Griffin [Untitled Practice], Bas Smets [Bureau Bas Smets], Claire Martin [OCULUS], Tom Smith [Spacehub], Suzanne O’Connell [The Decorators], Stephen Buckle [Aspect Studios], Nans Voron [SCAPE], Luis Callejas [LCLA], Chris Reed [Stoss], Lara Zureikat [CSBE], Helena Rivera [A Small Studio], Ruth Catlow [Furtherfield] and Tim Waterman [UCL], Dima Zogheib [Arup].

The daily seminars, hosted by Ed Wall, provided insights into the unique project approaches, techniques and methods employed by leading designers and researchers from around the world.



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